Our Clients

We at e-nnovation understands and believe that clients are indirect but most important extrinsic part of organisation where our day to day activity happens . No organisation can improve their potential if they does not understand their clients requirement and their actual feedback. We at e-nnovation very much understand the very first lesson we learn is.. " know your company -know your product-know your customers.

We have diversified range of customers /clients across india . Few of them are as below..

Institute of Microbial Technology- iMTECH, Chandigarh

IMTECH’s team of scientists have cutting edge R&D expertise in the areas of: Cloning & expression of recombinant / engineered proteins & their scale-up, Understanding / manipulating proteins and their engineering, Protein structure determination through X-ray crystallography, Molecular microbiology of pathogens especially with respect to drug resistance & vaccine development, Immunology of infectious diseases, Yeast Genetics, Screening of microorganisms for novel enzymatic activities and strain improvement, Bioinformatics & high end computational biology, Microbial taxonomy and metagenomics, and allied areas like technology and business management and intellectual property protection.

National Centre for Cell Science- NCCS- Pune

The National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS) is an autonomous organization aided by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, established with a tripartite mandate of: Serving as a national repository of animal cell cultures, undertaking research in cell biology, Human resource development. NCCS carry out cutting-edge research in cell biology, provides valuable services as a national animal cell repository and supports human resource development through various teaching and training programmes. NCCS has been at the forefront of basic research in diverse fields of cell biology, especially those addressing paramount human health issues like cancer, metabolic and infectious diseases, and regenerative medicine. The research at NCCS is focused on answering challenging questions through approaches that integrate modern and conventional disciplines, including computational and structural biology, genomics and proteomics, stem cell biology, immunology and microbiology.

Institute of Life Sciences- ILS, Orissa

ILS is a premier research institute in the area of life sciences and has highly competent faculty scientists actively engaged in advanced research covering infectious disease biology, gene function and regulation and translational research. It has state of the art infrastructural facilities (instrumentation, library, animal facility, high bandwidth internet and computational facilities) for cutting-edge multidisciplinary research in frontier areas of life science research.

All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences- AIIMS, Delhi

AIIMS is an autonomous institute under the ministry of health and family welfare. It is considered as the best medical college and public hospital in the country and is globally recognized for providing low-cost medical care to a large number of patients.

National Centre for Biological Sciences- NCBS, Pune

A premier research institute with all the necessary facilities that a research scientist may need. Research interests of our faculty members lie in the frontier areas of biology, and the science at NCBS (a part of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research) uses experimental and computational approaches in the study of molecules, cells and organisms. We aim to understand biology at each of these levels to advance an integrated view of life processes. The talent and drive of our students and faculty members continues to show us the way to good science.

Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute- VPCI, Delhi

The main objectives of VPCI are to conduct research in basic and clinical aspects of chest diseases, to train post graduates in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and allied disciplines, to develop new diagnostic technologies and disseminate scientific knowledge related to these areas to personnel of other institutions in the country and to provide specialized investigative and management services to patients.

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