About Us

About Us e-nnovation life science is a young venture house with a team of young, skilled & experienced professionals in Indian life science/biotechnology industry.

The word “e-nnovation” means Engineering & Innovation. We at e-nnovation life sciences are dedicated to cater innovative and engineered new & next generation bio-research product to indian life science researchers. We have experienced & analysed from our past professional experiences that our researchers require most of the preparation work ready in order to do actual research instead of spending significant time to do just preparation work and then doing actual research which turn into considerable delay to finalizing specific projects. Our goal is to fill this gap as much and innovative way we can.

e-nnovation life science identify innovative technologies and partners across the country and around the world that offers specific & considerable advantage over existing products, technologies & services available for our bio researchers as of now. eLS our mission is to offer innovative and engineered way of doing biotech business in india to make science easy, safe, cost effective, user friendly & productive for our research community.We Have sales/marketing and services presence across the country through its associates, channel partners, distributors & sub-distributors. Technical support we offer centralize from Headquarter in National Capital, New Delhi.

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