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Terms and Conditions Disclaimer

  • The content of this website is provided for informational purposes only. Whilst every care has been taken in its preparation and ongoing updates, e-nnovation Life Sciences do not make any warranties on its accuracy.

Terms and Conditions


  • These terms apply in respect of sales of products, online services, newsletters, books, magazines and any combinations of such formats and updating services and “Goods & Services” as determined by e-nnovation Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (“Supplier”).


  • The Supplier reserves the right to change the contents and/or price and/or delivery charges of any Goods at any time without prior notification. The price payable shall be the total price specified in the Supplier’s current price list, less any discounts agreed in advance by the Supplier and plus the applicable cost of packaging, postage and delivery (“Delivery Charges”). Any discounts agreed by the Supplier at the date of these terms and conditions shall have effect only for the duration covered by the Customer invoice or sales confirmation letter/e‐mail unless specified in advance in writing.
  • Prices are subject to VAT at the applicable rate.

Cancellation No refund is available in the event of cancellation at any point. However, if the products does not meet the quality specification, e-nnovation Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. provides credit points to the customers of the products holding the same value.

Liability The Supplier warrants that the products supplied will be free of defects and meets the full specifications. Although great care has been taken in the compilation and preparation of the Goods to ensure accuracy, the Supplier will make every endeavor to remedy any errors or attributable omissions.

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