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e-nnovation Life Sciences identify innovative technologies , engineered products and reliable partners around the world that offer specific and considerable advantage over existing products, technologies and services. We have several OEM brands partners.

Currently we are distributing partner of following brands...

world Largest pre-Made clone resource

we are a leading distributing partner offering a comprehensive portfolio of clones, genomic reagents and antibodies along with DNA sequencing, genomic services, bioinformatic analyses and custom cloning etc.

The world’s largest clone resource

With over 20 million pre-made clones representing nearly every known gene for most common organisms, we are your perfect partner for life science and biological research.

  • Sequence verification available
  • Plasmid preparation service
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Custom project design with in-house expertise

You can choose from individual pre-made clones or entire clone libraries. We can also construct customised libraries and offer a complete custom project design service.

qPCR & SNP Genotyping and Most Published RNA FISH technology


Product quality is of utmost importance to us.  we are acutely aware of the time, effort and money our customers invest in their work. Poor quality reagents can ruin even the best-designed experiments. Our commitment to quality is a direct result of this awareness. From the receiving dock to the shipping dock to your lab bench, we have developed exhaustive quality assurance protocols that test and document each important physical parameter of every compound that enters and leaves our labs. Starting with the basic raw materials and ending with the final highly-purified end product, we maintain purity and quality documentation that ships with every product we sell.

Q-PCR & SNP Genotyping

in distributing association with our brand partners we offers a variety of probe and primer types for real-time qPCR, including dual-labeled BHQ® probes, BHQplus® probes, Molecular Beacons, and Scorpions® primers.

Dual-Labeled BHQ® Probes

View the selection of fluorophore-quencher combinations for dual-labeled probes available from LGC Biosearch. We synthesize high quality dual-labeled probes followed by HPLC purification to ensure every order meets purity requirements. Every oligo receives rigorous QC by electrospray mass spectroscopy before releasing for shipment.

BHQnova Probes

The most difficult qPCR applications demand double-quenched probes for optimum performance. BHQnovaTM probes have improved quenching efficiency compared to traditional end-labeled probes, while also improving signal release upon amplification. BHQnova is most advantageous in longer probe designs, typically those over 25 bases, to boost the signal-to-noise ratio by overcoming the upper limit on sequence length.

An advanced technology for qPCR and SNP genotyping, the BHQplus probe is a compact oligo fortified with our signature duplex stabilizing chemistry to elevate the melting temperature and enhance target specificity. BHQplus probes are the optimal choice for marker-assisted selection in the agricultural industry, and to research the polymorphisms that may influence human health.

Molecular Beacons

Molecular Beacons have short complementary sequences that fold into a stem-loop structure. This hairpin conformation positions the fluorophore and quencher very close together in space, for remarkably efficient quenching. LGC Biosearch currently offers Molecular Beacons labeled with either a Black Hole Quencher® or a DABCYL dye. These quenchers are paired with a variety of fluorescent reporters.

Scorpions Primers

Scorpions® primers combine the probe and primer into one oligo to accomplish a uni-molecular signaling mechanism. Enzymatic hydrolysis of the probe during PCR cycling is not required for signal release. View LGC Biosearch’s selection of Scorpions primers.

Calibration Dyes

Do you intend to multiplex qPCR assays using FAM, CAL Fluor® and/or Quasar® dyes? Remember to optimize your instrument’s performance by using the calibration standards available from LGC Biosearch.

SuperROX is a highly stable passive reference dye that is formulated to significantly reduce “ROX drop.” It can be used when a water soluble version of ROX is required as a passive reference to normalize fluorescent signals in real-time PCR.

ValuPanel Reagents

ValuPanel Reagents are composed of pre-designed probes and primers that are intended to resolve the genetic signatures to of different pathogen strains. They are for Research Use Only (RUO), not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Stellaris® RNA FISH is a RNA visualization method that allows simultaneous detection, localization, and quantification of individual mRNA molecules at the cellular level in fixed samples. This novel RNA FISH technology represents a fast and easy-to-use method to achieve conclusive results through compelling images of RNA expression.

Custom Probe Sets

Stellaris Custom RNA FISH probe sets can be designed against almost any RNA target to allow for visualization, localization, and quantification of individual mRNA transcripts.

ShipReady Probe Sets

Stellaris ShipReady RNA FISH probe sets provide convenient, ready-to-ship positive controls for reference and long non-coding RNA targets.

DesignReady Probe Sets

Stellaris DesignReady probe sets are professionally designed, and go through rigorous bioinformatic analysis to ensure specificity. Stellaris DesignReady probe sets are made-to-order.

RNA FISH Buffers

Stellaris Buffers are ideal for performing Stellaris RNA FISH on cells and tissue, as well as other sample types. The buffers contain proprietary additives to enhance signal and reduce background in assays that may typically exhibit more pronounced background fluorescence

Chromatin Isolation via RNA Precipitation (ChIRP)

ChIRP is a rapid technique to discover RNA-associated DNA sequences and map genomic binding sites of chromatin associated long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) with high sensitivity and low background.


GeneDireX, produce molecular biology reagents of highest quality. Its flagship products include DNA and Protein Ladders, Gel Staining Reagents, Nucleic Acid Purification Systems, Molecular Biology Reagents, Lab Consumables, and Custom Services with exceptional stability at the ambient temperature.

Biologix Group

biologixgroupBiologix originates the United States and all of our production facilities are located in Mainland China.  This strategic arrangement has made it possible for Biologix to utilize the latest technological breakthroughs to offer the life science communities less expensive and more efficient supplies for scientific research.

Biologix serves thousands of laboratories across the United States and have served distributors in countries all around the world.  We are determined to provide our customers just what they are looking for by engaging in market research, listening to our customer feedback, and participating in continuous product development.

Cloud Clone Corp

cloud-cloneCloud-Clone Corp., a molecular biology and immunology research and experimental development oriented company headquartered at 1304 Langham Creek Dr, Houston, focus on preparation of assay reagents, manufacturing of analysis equipments and service of animal experiments.

Gene Tools

gene-toolsGene Tools makes Morpholino antisense oligos. Morpholino oligos bind to complementary RNA and get in the way of processes; they can knock down gene expression, modify RNA splicing or inhibit miRNA activity and maturation. Morpholinos are the premier knockdown tools used in developmental biology labs, the best RNA-blocking reagents for cells in culture and, as Vivo-Morpholinos, the most specific delivery-enhanced oligos available for other animal models. We are the sole commercial manufacturer selling research quantities of Morpholinos world-wide.

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