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We at e-nnovation understands and believe that clients are indirect but most important extrinsic part of organisation where our day to day activity happens . No organisation can improve their potential if they does not understand their clients requirement and their actual feedback. We at e-nnovation very much understand the very first lesson we learn is.. " know your company -know your product-know your customers.

We have diversified range of customers /clients across india . Few of them are as below..

Indian Agricultural Research Institute- IARI, Delhi

A premier national Institute for agricultural research, education and extension. The Institute has all along been adjusting and improving its policies, plans and programmes to effectively respond to the needs and opportunities of the nation.

Regional center of Biotechnology- RCB

An academic institution established by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India with regional and global partnerships synergizing with the programmes of UNESCO as a Category II Centre. The primary focus of RCB is to provide world class education, training and conduct innovative research at the interface of multiple disciplines to create high quality human resource in disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas of biotechnology.

Translational Health sciences and technology Institute -THSTI

A group of distinguished health care visionaries, impassioned by the urgent public health concerns plaguing the nation, set up the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) in 2009. The emphasis was on fast tracking health care solutions that would meet the intensive healthcare needs of a rapidly developing economy.

Arab Lab

MARCH 2015
Team of ennovation Life Science interacted with Arab Lab, Dubai and explored the possibilities of tools and technologies for
-Clinical Genomics
-Plastic consumables
-Premade Clone Resources
-RNA FISH technology
-ELISA and Antibodies

Dubai World Trade Center

MARCH 2016
ennovation Life Sciences attended the World Trade Center along with various international brands across the globe.
  • Explored the possibilities of international tie ups for :
-Functional Genomics
-Next Generation Sequencing
-Laboratory Animal IVC technology

Visit By Trade Partner (London, UK)

JULY 2016
We have been delighted to welcome the trade partners from Source Biosciences (SBS), London, UK. Their visit in eLS, India has proved to be beneficial for both the organisations. Various events were organised. Key events were listed-
  • Interactive Session amongst Partners and our team from Delhi.
  • The team has been provided with training by one of the best in SBS.
  • The visiting partners have interacted with various clients across Delhi regarding their experiences with eLS




Are you stuck with your research??

e-nnovation Life Sciences is your one stop solution for all your research related queries. Our researchers invest most of their time in preparation of material required to start the actual research. This leads to considerable delay in finalizing specific projects. Our goal is to meet these challenges and transforming them into opportunities.
e-nnovation life science identify innovative technologies ,engineered products and reliable partners  around the world that offers specific & considerable advantage over existing products, technologies & services available for our bio researchers as of now.
To meet these challenges, we at e-nnovation Life Sciences provide the largest collection of pre-made clones i.e. more than 20,000 including cDNA, expression ready ORF, RNAi and genomic libraries in Human, mouse, drosophila, Xenopus, Zebrafish, C.elegans amd many more model organisms. We also have a wide range of validated antibodies. Explore the range available with us.
  • Option of individual pre-made clones, whole clone libraries or customized libraries are available
  • Sequence verification available
  • Plasmid preparation service available
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Easy to search using GenomeCUBE, the search engine
  • Customization of project available via our in-house expertise
  • For more information, Write us at [email protected] or contact- 9711347133




Genome Editing is the ability to make specific changes at targeted genomic sites and is of fundamental importance to researchers in biology and medicine. Two genome editing technologies have emerged recently that exploit bacterial systems for plant pathogenesis or adaptive immunity:
1. TALEN (Transcription Activator-Like Effector Nucleases) 2. CRISPR (Clustered, Regularly Interspaced, Short Palindromic Repeats)


a) gene knockout
b) transgene knock-in, gene tagging
c) correction of genetic defects
Both the technologies use endonucleases that initiate double-strand breaks (DSBs) at virtually any genomic target sequence. While both technologies are popular, the decision to choose one technology over the other is not always clear. Therefore, depending on several factors such as Specificity, Target site selection, efficiency and ease of design, one can choose the best suited technology.

What is CRISPR?

CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. CRISPR sequences were originally identified in the Escherichia coli (E. coli) genome, and were found to function as part of an RNA-based adaptive immune system to target and destroy genetic parasites at the DNA level.
CRISPR-associated protein (Cas) is an endonuclease that cuts foreign DNA, allowing integration into the host genome. Cleavage only occurs when there is a protospacer adjacent motif (PAM) around the targeted sequence of the invading DNA, ensuring highly accurate targeting.
Researchers studying CRISPR have adapted it for use as a tool for genetic modification of the target host genome. CRISPR/Cas9 has recently become a popular genome editing tool, due to its simplicity and versatility.

CRISPR Services

CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing has become widely used due to its simplicity and versatility, and the CRISPR technology has been adapted for diverse applications aside from genome editing. As a leader in gene synthesis and genome editing, and through our partnership with Feng Zhang’s laboratory at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard*, GenScript offers validated CRISPR products, services and resources to help you harness the power of CRISPR genome editing for your research

What is TALEN?

TALENs operate on almost the same principle as ZFNs. TALENs are fusions of transcription activator-like (TAL) proteins and a FokI nuclease. TAL proteins are composed of 33-34 amino acid repeating motifs with two variable positions that have a strong recognition for specific nucleotides (Deng et al., 2014). By assembling arrays of these TALs and fusing them to a FokI nuclease, specific cutting of the genome can be achieved. When two TALENs bind and meet, the FokI domains induce a double-strand break which can inactivate a gene, or can be used to insert DNA of interest (Cermak et al., 2011). TALENs are more specific than ZFNs, the monomers don’t have the cross-reactivity problem that plagued ZFN researchers. This simplicity has facilitated automation of TALEN construction (Reyon et al., 2012). On the downside, since a TAL is needed for each nucleotide, TALENs are larger and somewhat harder to deliver than ZFNs.

Next Generation Sequencing


Sequencing the genome via traditional methods is a labor-intensive, time-consuming and slow process. With the advancement in the era, the field of sequencing has advanced its methodology and led us to the world of Next Generation Sequencing.
eLS in association with SBS (authorised service provider for Illumina) provides various NGS technologies depending on the need of the customer-
  • HiSeq
  • MiSeq
  • NextSeq

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