Welcome to e-nnovation Life Sciences!

Welcome to e-nnovation Life Sciences!

e-nnovation Life sciences is a venture house with a team of young, skilled & experienced professionals in Indian life science/biotechnology industry. The word “e-nnovation” describe as Engineering & Innovation.

We have experienced & analysed from our professional experiences that our researchers require most of the preparation work ready in order to do actual research instead of spending significant time to do just preparation work and then doing actual research which turn into considerable delay to finalizing specific projects. Our goal is to meet these challenges and transforming them into opportunities.

e-nnovation life science identify innovative technologies ,engineered products and reliable partners  around the world that offers specific & considerable advantage over existing products, technologies & services available for our bio researchers as of now.

We have strong association with our international supply partners around the world. We have intrinsic methodology to analyse our customers feedback which we keep on record weekly basis and do “strategic improvement analysis” (SIA) by the end of each business quarter, and most important our researchers who keep educating and inspiring us and sharing their procurement experience, issues, product & technology experiences which make us to grow as a company with difference and a company who has e-nnovative way of doing life science/biotechnology business.

We request our customers/researchers to have eLS experience and offer their feedback to keep us improving and make this Enterprise a better place to work with and a better company in serving life science.

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